Free E-books

I am sharing two e-books, available for download absolutely FREE of charge about Internet Safety.

To download, right-click on the link, and click on “Save Link As” or “Save Target As.” Both files are Adobe Portable Files (.pdf) and requires Adobe Reader to open. Adobe Reader is available for free download from the Adobe Website.

Online Lockout for Parents
A guide for parents about various online threats and the importance of Internet Safety

While there is no doubt that the Internet can provide a wealth of resources and information our children can use to expand their horizons, there are distinct dangers present that seek to steal the very innocence in our children that we hold dear. Unlike other dangers in the world that we can easily pinpoint and from which we can shield our children, online dangers are often much less precise and far more difficult to monitor with traditional methods.

Online Lockout for Kids
A guide for kids, aimed to educate about the possible risks online.

There are two primary reasons that you should be reading this book. Your main reason for reading is undoubtedly so that you are aware of the dangers and risks involved with activity on the internet, and how to avoid becoming a victim yourself. But, you should also read this book so that you can spot the danger signs that friends and family may show when participating in these activities.