About Lawrence Fine

Lawrence FineLawrence Fine has spent several years teaching and coaching kid’s soccer, which helped him understand the way kids and teens think. His passion for teaching has resulted to a highly popular soccer information site, where he is able to sharing his knowledge to fellow soccer coaches and players throughout the world.

He is the president of Webbreez.com, a web design company. This is a natural recourse for him, after 10 years of working as a Computer Consultant, specializing in Robotic engineering and programming. Lawrence is currently focused on Internet security for children, and has written two books on the subject already.

Lawrence has published the following books:

  • Online Lifeline
  • Discover Charleston West Virginia
  • Full Season Training Program
  • SoccerAtEase
  • The FineSoccer Way to Coaching 9-12 Year Olds
  • 180 Games, Exercises, Drills and Activities from FineSoccer
  • The Soccer Newsletter Archives from FineSoccer
  • The Goalkeeping Newsletter Archives from FineSoccer
  • Soccer 101 for Parents