Limiting Your Teens Internet Usage

Since we’ve discussed the many dangers that kids can encounter online, it’s essential that we talk about the steps you should take to protect your children on the internet. Dangerous individuals and inappropriate content abound, and the only way to keep your child safe is by being vigilant.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we can protect our kids by limiting their internet access. The truth is, however, that this is nearly impossible to do. There are so many ways to access the internet – the library, school, their friend’s houses, cell phones, internet cafes – constantly monitoring our kid’s internet usage is extremely difficult.

Since we can’t always be there to monitor their actions, it’s important that we as parents take the time to teach our children about internet safety. We need to teach them how to protect themselves, while taking steps to monitor their internet usage in the home.

Teenagers don’t see the internet as a dangerous place. Therefore, it’s important to help them see the big picture – that there are dangerous people and websites out there, and that they need to be alert when browsing the web. This internet self defense is an essential life skill that you should be sure to teach your kids.

When our teens are at home, however, we can use our parenting skills to help keep them safe online. One such skill is limiting the time that they spend online. By limiting your child’s internet usage to a specific number of hours per day or week, you automatically decrease the time they have to spend on inappropriate activities. You also teach them about time management and encourage them to spend time on other activities, such as sports, family activities, and homework.

If you decide to put this type of plan into effect, it’s important that you enforce it consistently. Move the computer into a public location, then time his or her usage daily. Exceptions can be made for large homework assignments, research projects, and schoolwork, but should only happen occasionally.

By limiting your teenager’s online access, you’re cutting down on the time they have to aimlessly browse the internet. This type of surfing can quickly put them in hot water, so you’re doing them a favor. Work to teach your teen to manage their time effectively by limiting their internet access. In the proces, you’re limiting their exposure to advertising, inappropriate content, and their risk of being victimized – it’s a win-win situation!

Have a great day!