Parental Control Software Guide

If you have limited time to monitor your child’s internet usage, it may be wise to install a computer program to help you. There are many parental control software programs available that can help you control and monitor where your child goes online. By purchasing and installing parental control software, you can relax a bit, knowing that your child’s online activities are being monitored when they are using your home computer. If you have a child that regularly uses the computer, you should consider installing parental control software.

PC Tattletale

This program offers a variety of parental controls and internet monitoring tools. Parents can monitor Myspace, record chats, record site passwords, monitor keystrokes, and view a web site history. If you’re interested in knowing exactly where your child is going and what they’re saying and doing online, this is an excellent software package. Emails, chat messages, and web browsing are all recorded, allowing you to view the information at your leisure.


This software program takes regular computer screenshots, and is often used by employers to monitor their employees computer usage. The program automatically takes pictures of the computer screen at pre-determined intervals, allowing you to see instant messages, chats, website views, emails, and more. It also features a keystroke monitor, and has the ability to monitor online email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail. The software offers a unique playback feature, allowing you to essentially watch your childs internet usage step by step.

Safe Eyes

This parental control software blocks your child’s access to potentially harmful material. The progam offers content controls, program controls, time controls, usage tracking, and usage alerts. With Safe Eyes, you are notified instantly via email, text message, or even a phone call when your child accesses material that is inappropriate. You can set time limits for computer use, block specific websites, and carefully monitor who has access to your child through popular chat programs.

Parental control software is extremely helpful if you want to prevent your child from encountering harmful, dangerous, or inappropriate material online. The software you choose will vary depending on your child’s internet usage patterns, the activities they’re involved in, and the amount of trust you have within your family. If your child has violated internet safety rules in the past, you may want to consider one of the more advanced softwares listed above, instead of simply relying on your child to keep himself or herself safe. Parental control software is your secret weapon in the war against internet crime – don’t be afraid to put it into action.

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