We use tools like Max, Maya and ZBrush, our team has created hundreds of 3D models from simple low-poly characters for to characters with photo realistic detail. Webbreez's experience in UV unwrapping, digital painting of textures and generation of specular and occlusion maps has been utilized by a number of game publishers. Whether you are producing a Next Gen game or need a 2D rendered 3D environment, our team can help. Rigging and animating characters for games or cinematic scenes is an area very familiar to Webbreez art team as well. We have experience in very simple animations such as in-game animation loop cycles to more complex mo-cap like animation for cinematics. We are also experienced in detailed facial rigging with tools like FaceFX. Our rigging portfolio includes the creation of rigs for bipedal and multi-limb character assets. And we have worked with a wide variety of bone systems.

Our team utilizes the latest 3d modelling softwares currently available in the market such as 3DSMax, FaceFX, LightWave, Maya and more.